Book Review: Like a River Glorious By: Rae Carson

Post by: BookGirl Like a River Glorious (sequel to Walk on Earth a Stranger) By: Rae Carson Story: ★★★ I thought this story was better than the first. The first one was about her crossing the country which as you can imagine was a lot of walking/riding. In this book they are finally there. I'm... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Warcross By: Marie Lu

Post by: Bookgirl Warcross By: Marie Lu Story: ★★★★ This story concept was amazing. New and fantastic yet still a world that  could  one day be our future. I held back the 5th ★ because there was a scene that seemed needlessly complicated, and I found a few things predictable. Still loved it. Writing: ★★★★... Continue Reading →

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