Podcast: Broomsticks & Butterbeer

By: Jess Ryno Broomsticks & Butterbeer Ch1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Here is a link to a Harry Potter podcast I have started doing with my husband. He has seen the movies but never read the books. So I am rereading them with him and we are doing a chapter by chapter review.... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Legend series By: Marie Lu

Post by: BookGirl Book 1: Legend                           Book 2: Prodigy                     Book 3: Champion By: Marie Lu Story: ★★★ It’s your typical dystopian story, with a touch more Sci-fi. The characters are set up in a not so typical way, which I think really helps the story stand out.... Continue Reading →

Book Expo & BookCon in New York

BY: Jess Ryno Sorry for the delay June was SUPER busy!!  Anyway if you couldn't guess from the title I went to the Book Expo and BookCon in New York. What is that? It's heaven for book lovers. Book Expo is for people in the industry like Librarians, teachers, bookstore owners, and book reviewers. Basically... Continue Reading →

Author Mentor Match

BY: Writer Woman AMM or Author Mentor Match is another Twitter based writing competition. In this one you look through a list of authors and choose four to query, much the same way you would query an agent. If you grab the attention of one of the authors then they will request to read your... Continue Reading →

C2E2 in Chicago

BY: Jess Ryno I took the train up to Chicago for the weekend and made my annual pilgrimage to C2E2. For those of you that don't know C2E2 stands for Comic Convention & Entertainment Expo. It is the perfect blend of all things pop/ geek culture. Aside from perusing the venders and artist alley, taking... Continue Reading →


BY: Writer Woman Last week I entered my first Twitter writing competition. It was called #Revpit and was put on by Revise & Resub. *This is one of those writing competitions I mentioned in my Wizard World post. A few weeks before the competition Revise & Resub posted bios and wish lists for each editor.... Continue Reading →

Wizard World St. Louis

BY: Writer Woman Last weekend (April 7th-9th) I went to the Wizard World convention in St. Louis. First of all, it's a very small show. Not what I normally expect from Wizard World. I don't know why the show is so small but if I didn't get in on a free press pass I would... Continue Reading →

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