Book review: Cruel Beauty by: Rosamund Hodge

Port by: BookGirl Cruel Beauty By: Rosamund Hodge Story: ★★ At it's base it was a Beauty and the Beast retelling. There was nothing wrong with this story it just didn't grab me. Writing: ★★★ It was fine as well. She painted the pictures well without going over board. Characters:★★ Main: She wasn't a perfect... Continue Reading →


Book review: Caraval by: Stephanie Garber

Post by: BookGirl Caraval By: Stephanie Garber Story: ★★★ The idea for this story, amazing!! I love love love the concept!! Her execution not so much. I was really disappointed. Writing: ★★★★ The writing was really good. Though several times it felt like she was trying way too hard. Sometimes her colorful words or cute... Continue Reading →

Writing Blog: NaNoWriMo week 2

Post by: Writer Woman Just a quick update. I am still on pace! I hit the halfway mark (30k) two days early. *woots, screams, and fireworks However, not editing what I have is driving me crazy. Don't tell anyone but I printed out what I have so far with the hopes of getting some edits... Continue Reading →

Writing Blog: NaNoWriMo week 1

Post by: Writer Woman So this year for NaNoWriMo I am rewriting the book I started last year. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know I wrote a book and finished it, then entered a few Twitter competitions with it and got some great feedback. But discovered that I started the story... Continue Reading →

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