Wizard World St. Louis

BY: Writer Woman

Last weekend (April 7th-9th) I went to the Wizard World convention in St. Louis.

First of all, it’s a very small show. Not what I normally expect from Wizard World. I don’t know why the show is so small but if I didn’t get in on a free press pass I would not have bothered. Anyway…

While I was there I did stop in on a How to get published in Fantasy & Sci-fi panel. It featured authors Kristin Bailey, Jeannie Lin, and Angie Fox.  Like the rest of the convention the panel was a little disappointing but let’s face it there’s not magic answer to How to get published.

they started off with each author sharing the story of how they got published and although they were all traditionally published they definitely didn’t go about it traditionally. Each of them did send query letter after query letter and got rejection after rejection. Some of them back when it was all done on paper. (Be super thankful the query process is mostly done by email now!) But despite the letters they got their break by entering a writing contest, where you query editors like you would an agent. The editors then pick an author & story they would like to work with. For each of them the editor they worked with liked the story so much they took it back to their publisher.

Oddly enough I had just entered the very same kind of contest on Twitter the day before. More on that in another post.

They briefly discussed the pros & cons of traditional publishing vs self publishing. And did a short Q & A. Nothing all that interesting. Keep at it. You’ll get a million rejections but just keep writing. Write the book you want to write not the book you think an agent wants. 

One of the authors did plug an upcoming writing conference, Gateway to Publishing Conference and Convention. I grabbed a flyer and I might check it out.

Other fun highlights from the weekend. I saw a really cool Batman R2D2, which I had to snap a pick of to share. And I popped in and saw everyone’s favorite Weasley Twins Fred & George. AKA Oliver and James Phelps. This was my second time seeing them and I highly recommend it. They didn’t disappoint.



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