BY: Writer Woman

Last week I entered my first Twitter writing competition. It was called #Revpit and was put on by Revise & Resub. *This is one of those writing competitions I mentioned in my Wizard World post.

A few weeks before the competition Revise & Resub posted bios and wish lists for each editor. After reading through the bios, I had to pick 3 editors and a backup to submit to. The link to submit went live April 7th at noon and stayed open until midnight April 9th. However, each editor only took 100 queries. (a few ended up staying open and taking more) But they filled up fast.

You had to submit your query letter and the first 5 pages of your manuscript, much the same way you would when querying and agent. I sent a submission in for Burn as soon as the link went live. It was not as ready as it needed to be but I wanted to try anyway, and I am glad I did.

However, Saturday night I decided to submit Raven as well. This time all of my first choice editors were already capped so I had to pick from who was left.

The entries closed on Sun and that was when the real fun started. The editors all did this thing called #10queries. They tweeted about each query as they read them. No names. Just one or two tweets about what they liked or didn’t like, common mistakes people made and other wonderful advice. I knew what kind of feed back I was going to get just from reading the tweets.

So the editors had a week to read all the queries, request more from their faves and pick a winner. The winners each received five weeks of editing from their editor. And their work will be featured on the Revise & Resub website.

So needless to say I didn’t win. I probably would have opened with that if I had. But I did learn a lot and found a major flaw in my story. (Burn) Apparently starting your story in the wrong place is a common mistake. But not one I recommend. 😛

I got the feedback I expected from the editors on Burn and super nice comments on Raven.

The experience also got me connected with a group of authors in my genre and we formed a Facebook group Aspiring YA FAntasy Authors and I have found two new critique partners. 🙂


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