Author Mentor Match

BY: Writer Woman

AMM or Author Mentor Match is another Twitter based writing competition. In this one you look through a list of authors and choose four to query, much the same way you would query an agent. If you grab the attention of one of the authors then they will request to read your manuscript.

In this competition there are no agents or publishers just fellow authors. (ones that have made it to the other side of this mountain) The authors were given, I think it was just over two weeks, to make their picks. If an author chooses you & your story then they will help you revise, give advice and tips on querying and agents. Essentially guide you through publishing process.  🙂

So… I was at C2E2 the weekend this competition window was open. And I was still working on revising my first chapter due to the feedback I got from Revpit. I completely rewrote it, starting the story about 30 mins sooner and chopping a huge chunk from the middle. Then with the help of my two lovely critique partners (that I also met during Revpit) I somehow, between the convention and running around Chicago all weekend, finish revising it.

However, I still didn’t think I would make the AMM deadline but we ended up at the train station nearly two hours early. So I read about the authors, made my picks, and threw together a query. They called for us to line up for our train and I had to hit send, ready or not. And it wasn’t! When I looked at it later I noticed that I had a half sentence near the end of my query. I had started to type something but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to word it so I moved on and was going to come back to it. I was proof reading it when they called our train, and I didn’t make it to the bottom where the unfinished sentence was but it was send then or maybe not make the window. (Some of the trains have wifi but when they do it’s slow and spotty)

Anyway so it turned out our train did have wifi and it worked surprisingly well. So I got my laptop back out to make sure it sent. (I wasn’t sure how great the train station wifi was so I wanted to double check.) Not only had is sent but in the 20-30 mins it took us to get on the train and get settled, I had a request for my full manuscript….and synopsis. O.O I did not have a synopsis ready. I had one I started so I pulled it up, popped in my head phones and got to work. Thanks to Susan Dennard’s website for writers and her post on how to write a one page synopsis, I got it done and sent it in.

Fast forward two weeks and a few days. The authors announced who they wanted to mentor and I was not one of them. 😦 I did, however, get an email from one of the authors I queried with feedback. He basically said he loved my story and concept but he did not pick to mentor me because he did not like one of my characters. So much so that he suggested cutting his POV altogether. I thanked him for his feedback but explained that I did not want to cut the POV and asked for suggestions to make the character more interesting. He offered to give my story another try and unofficially mentor me, became he believed I had a gem of a story.  🙂 So I lost but I still won. 🙂


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