bookJess Ryno- (mostly) mild mannered fangirl and aspiring writer, Lover of all things fantasy and YA but also a sucker for a good dystopian, I can’t do contemporary unless there’s magic/super powers or it’s about a dog(that doesn’t die!!). I hate zombies and vampires. The only biting people I’ll allow are sexy Fea.

Fav authors: Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer, Alexandra Bracken and J.K. Rowling (but that goes without saying)

Stats: Ravenclaw house, Thunderbird house, Wand (spruce wood, phoenix feather core, slightly springy), Patronus:black stallion, House Stark, Dauntless, Jedi, Shadowhunter.

When I am not reading I can be found: hanging out with my Basenji Batman, indoor rock climbing, or on the archery trail.

Location: St. Louis MO

jenJen Ferguson– (mostly) mild mannered fangirl . Self-proclaimed bookworm and excessive rambler. Favs include YA dystopian and fantasy with a dose of romance. Anything that surprises me or makes me feel intensely in unexpected ways. I probably spend more time than I should daydreaming about about my warrior queen status when the dystopian apocalypse happens.

Fav authors: Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Wendy Higgins, Alexandra Bracken, and Marissa Meyer.

Stats: Gryffindor house, Patronus: tortoiseshell cat, Shadowhunter, Dauntless

When I am not reading I can be found: Traveling or planning my next adventure, spending a lazy afternoon with my dogs Finn and Apollo watching an ungodly amount of TV or getting some sun at the beach.

Location: Just outside of Los Angeles, CA


WWWriter Woman-Demigoddess with superhuman strength, speed, durability and longevity for finding and making time to write when life and other responsibilities get in the way.

I have always loved writing. I wrote some awful cheerleader murder mysteries in 7th & 8th grade. My first novel (unpublished: it still needs a lot of work) was a dystopian where a few of the kids had developed x-men like super powers. My second novel The Raven in the Flames (currently querying agents) is a YA high fantasy about a girl trying to help the rebels liberate their kingdom. My third novel (still editing) is a YA fantasy about a group of young misfits trying to survive in a festering kingdom ruled by crime lords not the queen on the throne.

bookgirl2Bookgirl– Real estate marketer by day book advocate by night, and let’s face it during the day too.

I have always loved reading although I did take a hiatus from reading in collage. My interest in books was renewed when I read The Hunger Games and rediscovered YA books. Since then I have been devouring all dystopian and fantasy young adult literature currently on the market.