bookJess Ryno- (mostly) mild mannered fangirl and aspiring writer, Lover of all things fantasy and YA but also a sucker for a good dystopian, I can’t do contemporary unless there’s magic/super powers or it’s about a dog(that doesn’t die!!). I hate zombies and vampires. The only biting people I’ll allow are sexy Fea.

Fav authors: Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer, Alexandra Bracken and J.K. Rowling (but that goes without saying)

Stats: Ravenclaw house, Thunderbird house, Wand (spruce wood, phoenix feather core, slightly springy), Patronus:black stallion, House Stark, Dauntless, Jedi, Shadowhunter.

When I am not reading I can be found: hanging out with my Basenjis Batman & Robin, indoor rock climbing, or on the archery trail.

Location: St. Louis MO

jenJen Ferguson– (mostly) mild mannered fangirl . Self-proclaimed bookworm and excessive rambler. Favs include YA dystopian and fantasy with a dose of romance. Anything that surprises me or makes me feel intensely in unexpected ways. I probably spend more time than I should daydreaming about about my warrior queen status when the dystopian apocalypse happens.

Fav authors: Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Wendy Higgins, Alexandra Bracken, and Marissa Meyer.

Stats: Gryffindor house, Patronus: tortoiseshell cat, Shadowhunter, Dauntless

When I am not reading I can be found: Traveling or planning my next adventure, spending a lazy afternoon with my dogs Finn and Apollo watching an ungodly amount of TV or getting some sun at the beach.

Location: Just outside of Los Angeles, CA

WWWriter Woman-Demigoddess with superhuman strength, speed, durability and longevity for finding and making time to write when life and other responsibilities get in the way.

I have always loved writing. I wrote some awful cheerleader murder mysteries in 7th & 8th grade. My first novel (unpublished: it still needs a lot of work) was a dystopian where a few of the kids had developed x-men like super powers. My second novel The Raven in the Flames (currently querying agents) is a YA high fantasy about a girl trying to help the rebels liberate their kingdom. My third novel (still editing) is a YA fantasy about a group of young misfits trying to survive in a festering kingdom ruled by crime lords not the queen on the throne.

bookgirl2Bookgirl–  Book reviews. No spoilers here!!

As book lovers we know there are good books and great books and then there books that are just okay. But I think we also know it’s never that simple. In my book reviews I try to break in down.

Story: The overall story. Did the author have a good idea?

Writing: Is it good writing??

Characters: (main and supporting) I am a sucker for good supporting characters.

Feels: not did the book make me cry. Did it make me feel? Did I feel what the characters were feeling?

World: Did the author build a solid world? If I were scoped up and dropped in this world would I go “This is from____”

Overall grade: average of the grades

Attachment: Did it grip me? Was I itching to get back to the book. Or maybe I never even put it down.

Recommendation: Overall recommendation Where should it be on your “Must read list”